Know About Us


Trevor Jones Architects had been formed with the aim of offering innovative solutions to architectural design problems. We have offered our services since the year 1990 in the vast regions of Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. We are mainly concerned to offer innovative designs to contemporary homes keeping in mind the modern requirements. We have successfully completed the projects in relation with home alterations in Sydney.

With changing times, the requirements also change. The need of the hour is to implement green techniques in the home design architecture. The homes are so designed that sunrays and wind are fully available inside the rooms. Our mission is to offer the occupants of homes with the freshness of natural resources. Saving the non-renewable resources of fuel for our posterity is our duty and we are relentlessly working on that front.

We have 35 years of experience in working upon various projects located in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Different locations follow different architecture designs. We believe that this kind of exposure to several other styles and forms of architecture has given us a vast range of experience. This has enriched our skills.

In addition with brand new home designs, we have also contributed in small blocks of Townhouses and apartments in Sydney. We have also worked upon additions to Federation Houses and office fit outs in Sydney. We take up all projects with utmost sincerity. We do not consider whether it is a big or a small project. We concentrate on offering ‘best value’ solutions to the process of design, budgets and programming.